Computational Research:
1. Micro/Nano Mechanics of Thin Films
2. Rheology of Viscoelastic Materials and Liquid Crystals
3. Intermolecular Forces, Colloids and Surface/Interfacial Science
4. Electrohydrodynamics, Magneto-hydrodynamics, Electro-kinetics, and Eectrophoresis
5. Advanced Flow Continuous Microreactors
6. DFT Studies on Active Systems
Experimental Research:
1. MEMS/NEMS Devices for Point-Of Care Detection
2. Intelligent Artificial Micro or Nanobots
3. Advanced Flow Reactors, µ-VLSI, and Energy Harvesting

Plants can harvest solar energy and fulfil their need that human civilization cannot. The main processes those govern the growth of the plant are photosynthesis and respiration. The two parts of photosynthesis are (i) photo-catalytic reaction to split water into hydrogen and hydroxyl ions and (ii) store the energy as glucose through the “Calvin cycle”. Further, the stored energy is decomposed in two different ways, glycolysis, or anaerobic decomposition of glucose and “Krebs cycle” the aerobic decomposition of glucose. These naturally occurring phenomena ushers the protocol for the artificial photosynthesis/respiration employing micro/nano technologies. Solar energy can be converted to electrical energy in solar cells, which in turn can be stored in the form of chemical energy in fuel cells for immediate or future use. This principal has made the trees energy efficient over the years. The recent advent of synthesis, fabrication, and characterization of micro/nanoscale materials/devices/particles have opened up the avenues of fabrication of combined solar/fuel cell technologies mimicking the photosynthesis process of the trees. We are exploring this avenue from both scientific and technological perspectives where the naturally abundance energy resources (solar, wind, hydel, solar-thermal etc.) can be converted into microfluidic prototype and capable of generating energy employing the specialities of nanoscience and nanotechnology.
4. Self–Healing, Self-motile, and Self-Organizing Liquid Crystals
Research Laboratories:
1. Centre for Excellence in Nanoelectronic Theranostic Devices
2. Fabrication, Characterization and Testing Laboratories
3. Thin Film and Micro/Nano Fluidics Laboratory
4. Analytical laboratory for the DST FIST Instruments
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