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"First-list of selected candidates for admission in to Ph.D. programme of the Dept. of chemistry for the session December, 2017"

"Mr. Adil M Rather has secured second position in springer oral presentation in International Conference on Advances in Polymer Science & Technology. Congratulations"

"Accommodation for the candidates appearing in the interview for Admission into Ph.D. Programme in Chemistry for the session December, 2017"

"Short listed candidates for calling for an interview for admission to Ph.D. in chemistry for the session December, 2017"

"Interview date for Admission to Chemistry for the Session December, 2017: 07-12-2017 (Thursday),Department of Chemistry, IIT Guwahati "

"Mr. Mohammad Adil Adroz have been selected for the prestigious Bhaskara Advanced Solar Energy (BASE) Fellowship Program for a visit to USA for six months. Congratulations."

"Dr. Subhasish Jana have been chosen for Sailife-NOST Best Thesis Award 2017. Congratulations."

"Congratulations to Professor Bhisma Kumar Patel for becoming the Fellows of the National Academy of Sciences (NASI) Allahabad."

"Special PhD Admission Programme Only Under CSIR/UGC/DST-Inspire-JRF Scheme for the Department of Chemistry"

"Application Form for Special PhD Admission Programme Only Under CSIR/UGC/DST-Inspire-JRF Scheme for the Department of Chemistry"

"Regarding Chaliha Foundation MA/MSc scholarships"

"Congratulations to Prof. Sandip Paul for selecting as a top author and one of the most prolific authors for J. Phys. Chem. B"

"Congratulations to Professor Anil Kumar Saikia for receiving the Chemical Research Society of India (CRSI) Bronze Medal- 2017 for his contributions to research in chemistry"

"Congratulations to Professor Arun Chattopadhyay and Professor T. Punniyamurthy for becoming Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences (FASc) for their significant scientific contributions"

"Congratulations to Dr. Bhubaneswar Mandal for the Industrial Green Chemistry World Award (IGCW - 2015) conferred by the Industrial Green Chemistry Foundation on 4th Nov, 2015"

"Congratulations to Mr. Ashim Paul for winning the Talent Search Contest on Innovative Research Ideas Leading to Enterpreneural Venture in Biotechnology and Allied Areas on 21st Nov - 2015"

"Congratulations to the team of Miss Sujan Kalita and Dr. Bhubaneswar Mandal for the Award of Rs. 10,000/- for being the finalist of the Samsung Innovation Award 2015 held on Oct 27, 2015 at IIT Guwahati. Title of the entry: "A suggested solution of auto cleaning system for washing machine’s drum, keeping the system’s efficiency intact"

"Congratulations to Dr. Chandan Mukherjee for becoming Associate, Indian Academy of Science, Bangalore"

Congratulations to Dr. Chirantan Kar for receiving the JSPS postdoctoral fellowship for overseas researchers for the year 2015

Congratulations to Prof. T. Punniyamurthy for becoming FRSC

Dr. Himanshu Jena, Dr. Harisadhan Ghosh and Dr. Ramesh Yella all have been selected for JSPS fellow. Congratulations

Dr. Narsimha Mamidi have been selected for 2nd Prize of "2014 Lilly Outstanding Thesis Awards". Congratulations

"Dr. Krishna Chaitanya Nadimpally, the first student of Dr. Bhubaneswar Mandal, has been awarded the highly competitive CSIR-Nehru Postdoctoral fellowship. Congratulations"

Congratulations to Prof. T. Punniyamurthy for receiving the CRSI Bronz medal for the year 2015

Congratulations to Prof. Arun Chattopadhyay for becoming a "Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry"

Dr. Krishna Chaitanya has been selected for "Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards, 2014". Congratulations

Dr. Atul K. Dwivedi have been selected for 2nd Prize of "2013 Lilly Outstanding Thesis Awards". Congratulations

Mr. Ganesh Majji, a research scholar of our Department won stage 2 First prize on "In celebration of Earth day, Elsevier Reaxys Challenges you to a Green Chemistry Online Quiz"

Congratulations to Prof. A. T. Khan for taking the charge of Aliah University as the Vice Chancellor

Vision 2020

Vision 2020 is about our commitment to teaching and research. It is about the pledge to deliver our best to our students, to the institution and the society. It is also about growing together as students, staff members and the faculty.

Right from it's inception in 1995, the Department has put equal stress on teaching and research.

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About The Department

Dept. of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati is one of the globally recognized, emerging and leading department in science and technology with a growing list of accolades earned nationally and internationally. The Department started in 1995, covers all the major areas of Chemistry, viz. inorganic, organic, physical and theoretical chemistry. In addition to teaching chemistry courses to the undergraduate students of B.Tech in Chemical Science and Technology (CST) & advanced chemistry courses to the students of M.Sc. and the research scholars intending to do Ph.D., the department is actively engaged in research in the frontier areas of topical importance. The faculties are actively involved in sponsored research projects.

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