Users’ Training Courses on Biogas

To raise awareness about the benefits of biogas plants among users specially women beneficiaries.
To impart awareness on operation and maintenance and day to day upkeep of biogas plants.
Venue/ Nos. of Participants:
Villages having about 1-5 biogas plants in operation will be selected as venue and 40-60 household of the selected village will be contacted and invited for attending User’s Course. Efforts should be made for involving in all such courses. Medium of instruction will be local language. The training programme will be of one-day duration. Following are the topics to be covered in the training.

  • Women Education programme for awareness raising
  • Benefits of Biogas plant.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Biogas Plant.
  • Financial and other assistance.
  • Preparation of loan application.
  • Field visits and practical demonstration on how to connect plant to biogas burner after generation of biogas plants.
  • Users’ Course Operation of biogas plants
  • Dung collection method form sand, stone, gravel etc.
  • Preparation method for dung slurry and feeding method for biogas plants.
  • Lighting method of biogas lamp.
  • Method of cooking of chapattis on biogas (direct blowing of chapattis will be demonstrated).
  • Instructions will be provided on type and size of utensils to be used.
  • The method for increasing/decreasing gas production during the winter months will also be discussed.
  • Use of biogas plant slurry and value addition to it will also be discussed.
  • Discussion regarding storage of wet slurry.
  •  Cleaning and maintenance of plant site.
  •  Precautions to be taken to prevent gas leakage in kitchen.
  • Maintenance of biogas plants
  •  Cleaning of biogas burners and lamp periodically.
  •  Cleaning of biogas holder
  •  Removal of water condensation from gas pipe line
  • How to check gate valve, joints in pipe, cooking burners.

 Staff Training Course (for Government / Bank Officers/ Field Officers / Field Functionaries)

To expose Supervisors/ Govt. Functionaries/ bank Officials & Staff to various aspects of biogas technology and to familiarize them with the importance of Biogas as a fuel and present status of biogas programme, inter-alia details about how Biogas Plants are constructed and operated.
The course is intended for field supervisory functionaries involved in the implementation of biogas extension programme. Person of following categories may be selected / nominated for such training courses

  • Block and District Level Supervisory Functionaries involved in the promotion and execution of National Biogas and Manure Management programme. These functionaries include Block Development Officers, Agriculture Development Officers, Agricultural Extension Officers, Assistant Engineers, Junior Engineers, Assistant Agricultural Engineers, Agricultural Inspectors / Assistant Director and Development Officers of khadi and Village Industries Commissions and khadi and Village Industries Board, Field Supervisors and Staff of Agro Industries Corporation Ltd., Dairy Development Board / Corporations, Entrepreneurs of Agro-services Centres, Field Supervisory Staff of recognized Voluntary Organization / Self Help Groups / Registered Societies. Women-functionaries of all above mentioned organizations should be also nominated.
  • Instruction /teachers from it is, selected farmers Training Centres / Extension Centres / Gram Sevaks Training Centres etc. Such training Centres should be selected as the venue for organization of subsequent Training Courses for local masons in the construction of biogas plants.

Medium of Instruction: Hindi /English/ Regional Language
Duration: Four Days
Numbers of Participants: 10

To create a cadre of masons and technicians skilled in the construction and maintenance of approved models of biogas plants i.e. Deenbandhu fixed dome model, KVIC floating metal gas holder with brick masonry digester models, digester made of Ferro-cement, gas holder model of FRP and pragati models. Also training for new and innovative models of plants as and when approved by MNRE.
Selection of trainees:
Construction-cum-maintenance training course are intended for professional masons having experience of working independently on civil construction and fabricators/technicians having the facilities of workshop, welding lit, etc. The trainees should have knowledge to understand construction and fabrication, methodology design, specification etc.
Numbers of Participants: 10
Medium of Instruction: Hindi or Regional language
Duration of training: 10 Days

Turn-key Workers Training (TKW)
To create a cadre of Biogas, Turn-key Workers / Biogas entrepreneurs in rural areas for setting up of biogas on Turn-key basis and providing post-installation servicing of plants as a self- employed vocation.
The programme is meant for unemployed rural youths having inclination to take up biogas as a vocation. He/she may be functionary in voluntary organization. A minimum educational qualification may be kept as 12th Standard pass or 10th pass with ITI certificate. If they have already some relevant experience certificate in biogas work, they should also be given chance. The trainee should take in living in his/her village
Numbers of participants: 10
Medium of instruction: Hindi/English/Regional language [depending upon the facility available at the Biogas Development and training Centre (BDTC)]
Duration of training: 15 Days
Venue: Biogas Development & Training Centre

Turn Key workers trained during 2016