General (5)

One can put their specific CCC related issues/matters in the following respective email aliases according to their respective types.

  1. For all network, proxy related issues: netadmin[AT]
  2. For all mail related issues: mailadmin[AT]
  3. For all web related issues: webmaster[AT]
  4. For all phone related issues: phones[AT]
  5. For all PC/Peripherals related issues, register a complain in the online Complain Booking System under the category "PC/Peripheral/LAN". 
  6. For all Network related issues of register a complain in the online Complain Booking System under the category "Network Services".

You have to configure WSUS server to enable all windows update localy within IITG network. The updates include windows security updates, critical updates ,service packs, Windows Defender, MS security essentials definition update, office updates etc. It will work in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows7, Windows server 2012 and Windows Server 2008,etc.


For accessing Journal Sites you have to use proxy, with
Username  : journals
Password  : journals


If you are a faculty of the institute you are eligible to have an instructor account in the turnitin portal. Please raise a issue in the Complain Booking System to "Websites and Turnitin" under "Computer & Comm. Centre" for the same. If you are student please contact your guide for the same.


Paper deletion requests can be made in 3 ways,

  • if you provide a paper id we can delete that paper,
  • if you provide and assignment ID we can delete all papers made to that assignment,
  • if you provide a class ID we can delete all papers made to that class.

Please mail any of the three to pkdutta[AT]


Network Services (7)

When a Proxy Server receives some requests in the non-standard ports or if port-scanning or similar activities are detected, the originating IP is blocked for eight hours. This may happen due to virus or adware infected PCs.

  • If you are using Windows OS, always keep your anti-virus signatures current. You can download the files from CC Current News section.
  • Also, install & update Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition for scanning and cleaning spy-wares, ad-wares etc.
  • Various critical service packs for Windows software can be downloaded from IITG Software Repository.

Always bypass local sites in your browser for faster access and to reduce load on the proxy servers.

  • First of all, set your "Preferred DNS Server" to, if you are accessing the Net from the hostels and quarters. For other locations, you may also use as the primary name Server.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer (IE in Windows):
    From the 'Tools' menu select: Internet Options... -> Connections -> Lan Settings... -> Advanced...
    In the 'Exceptions' box type:
    *; *; 202.141.80.*; 202.141.81.*
  • For Firefox browser in GNU/Linux:
    From the 'Edit' menu select: Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings...
    In the 'No Proxy For:' box type:
  • You may need to modify the strings for other browsers.

As per 82nd Senate Meeting held on 2 March, 2011,  internet access facility in the Institute hostels are from 5.00 p.m. to 2.00 a.m. and 5.00 a.m. to 7.45 a.m., on all days having classes, and (b) round the clock during holidays/ vacation periods (excluding however the days having Summer Term classes).



For changing the Proxy (Internet) password please visit the link



In case you have forgotten your Proxy/E-mail password, you have to visit Computer and Communication Centre with your ID card. The timing for changing the Proxy/Mail password is Monday, Wednesday & Friday between 2:00PM to 4:00PM. Users MUST bring their ID card for changing the password. Request for changing password without the ID card or other than the time mentioned will not be entertained.


The updated Skype (version and some later versions) has some bugs and it is using the system proxy settings along with Skype's own proxy settings. The system proxy can be defined in network settings in windows 10 or in Microsoft Edge(Internet Explorer) browser settings. Once the proxy is set, please open the Edge browser and when proxy user/password pops up, put your proxy username/password and click the "Remember my credentials" option to save the password.


Wifi guest accounts creation is maintained by respective department office/sys-admin. Guest accounts are created only for IITG guests. Members of the IITG community (students, faculty and staff) are prohibited from using guest credentials on their devices.
Once created one can refer to the IITG_GUEST  WiFi manual  available in HowTos


NO. For one proxy user account, intenet can be accessed from only one IP at an instance.


Office 365 (2)

Mailbox quota: 50 GB
OneDrive cloud storage: 1 TB