Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Guwahati 


Research Interests






Biplab Bose,

Associate Professor,

Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering,

IIT Guwahati,


Ph. D in Biochemistry (AIIMS)

M. Pharm (Jadavpur University)











Current Ph. D students:

Mahesh Agarwal: Working on receptor-targeted delivery system


Poulami Dutta: Working on cross-talk in cell signaling

Vimalathithan  D

Namami Goswami: Working on recombinant protein based Biosensors (at Centre for Nanotechnology, under joint supervision with Prof. Roy P. Paily)

Satendra Singh Gurjar


Current M. Tech student:

Kaushalesh Gupta


Current B. Tech student:


Sanny Kumar



Earlier Members of our group:


Asim Bikas Das (Completed Ph. D in 2012): Worked on "Characterization of molecular signaling pathways of human Cripto-1". Currently working as Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, NIT Warangal.


Ashok Kumar (Completed Ph. D in 2014): Worked on "Recombinant Truncated Diphtheria Toxin for Possible Therapeutic Applications".


Pojul Loying (Completed Ph. D in 2014): Worked on "Regulation of Human Cripto-1 Expression".


Somya Srivastava (M. Tech student)

Priya Devi (M. Tech student)

Ritika Chaturvedi (M. Tech student) 

Sahil Batra (M. Tech student)


Mayur Modi (B. Tech student)

Soumitra Saxena (B. Tech student)

M. V. Seetha Rama Sastry (B. Tech student)

Roxy (B. Tech student)

T. V. Revanth Sai Kumar (B. Tech student)

 Digvijay Singh (B. Tech student)

 Siddharth Gupta (B. Tech student)

 M. S. Sudarsan (B. Tech student)

 Tejas (B. Tech student)

 Akshay Mishra (B. Tech student)
 K. Venu
(B. Tech student)
 Gaurav Dwivedi 
(B. Tech student)


Kaushik Bharadwaj (Project fellow)