• Sponsorship benefits:
    The symposium will be promoted to key players worldwide through newsletters, websites, brochures, and publicity, ensuring wide exposure for sponsors and their identification. Your brand will also receive extensive exposure on conference materials, banners. You will get the opportunity to networking with scientists and academicians of repute, who will share their views and insights on the themes. Their presence will be valuable to sponsors who wish to interact with them. Your representatives can network with key conference delegates to update their knowledge and understanding of your organization and services. Strengthening your corporate image through the conference, your company will be projected as an important player and leader committed to activities that benefit the scientific community and biodiversity conservation. The conference can also directly support your organization’s marketing efforts by offering brand positioning, and image association. All sponsors are promoted prior to and at the event as well as in the conference materials, dependent upon the level of sponsorship agreed.

  • Sponsorship Categories:
    Platinum sponsor
    Gold sponsor
    Silver sponsor
    Bronze sponsor
    Fee3 lacs 2 lacs 1 lac 0.6 lac
    Exhibition booth area(Exhibition Shade, temporary structure of stalls etc. Is to be built by the sponsors)12’x8’ 12’x8’ 8’x8’ 8’x8’
    Number of Display Boards at important locations, approach way, conference venue etc.18 12 6 3
    Presentation Slots for promotion of your institution in any one chosen session (in form of lecture of short video film)300 seconds 240 seconds 180 seconds 120 seconds
    Free Participation6 participants 4 participants 2 participants 1 participant

    Other categories:
    Symposium Partner
    Fee: 6 Lacs
    Promoted as symposium partners, logo prominently displayed at all the symposium materials except the one’s sponsored by other organizations and firms. A total of 15 Management/ Staff/Officials/Students nominated by the organization can attend BIODIVERSE 2018 without any registration fee. Exhibition booth area of 12’x8’. Number of Display Boards at important locations, approach way, symposium venue etc. 900 seconds promotion slot in any one of the chosen session.
    Abstract Book Advertising
    (i) Full Page
    (ii) Half Page
    (iii) Quarter Page
    (iv) Back cover (External)
    (v)Both covers (Inside)
    Rs. 20,000.00
    Rs. 11,000.00
    Rs. 6,000.00
    Rs. 30,000.00
    Rs. 25,000.00 (per page)

    Note: Printing and mounting display boards/ posters in designated places is the responsibility of the sponsor.
    Sponsorship Confirmation: Should you wish to confirm your sponsorship, please mail us back the filled in sponsorship acceptance form.
    Booking and Details of Payment Deadlines: In order to confirm your sponsorship, we will require fifty percent (50%) deposit payment to be paid by 30 August, 2017 The balance payment will be required by 31 December 2017.
    Download Sponsorphip Acceptance Form

  • Transfer Details: On receipt of the deposit payment, a confirmation letter will be sent highlighting further information regarding benefits, due dates, etc.
  • Contact Details: Ponnala Vimal Mosahari, Publicity Coordinator (BIODIVERSE 2018), Institutional Biotech Hub, Centre for the Environment, IIT Guwahati, Phone- 9557976961, 7896517827, 03612583204, Email- adnat2018@gmail.com.
  • Allocation: Sponsorship and exhibition packages, which may be limited in number, will be generally allocated to those organizations who apply at the earliest. Allocation of sponsorship packages and booths regardless of the preference indicated, and alteration of the floor plan is at the discretion of the BIODIVERSE 2018, Organizing Committee and Organizers, whose decision will be final.
    We look forward to your participation in this premier academic and scientific event, and welcome you in BIODIVERSE 2018.

    Center for the Environment
    IIT Guwahati, Assam-781039


    Phone: 0361-2583204