Previous Conferences

The idea behind all ADNAT conventions are that the symposiums are based on themes that surrounds around the use of these technologies. Following meeting were organized in previous years.

Genome Editing Technologies and their Applications in Biology, Medicine and Agriculture 2017
Microbiome in Health and Disease (MicroHD-2016) 2016
Genetic Engineering of Agricultural Crops and Livestock 2015
Genomics in Personalised Medicine and Public Health 2014
Conference on Animal Genetics & Genomics 2012
Genomics and Biodiversity 2011
New Perspectives in Proteome Research 2010
Epigenetic Modifications of the Genome 2009
Biology of Embryonic and Adult Stem Cells 2008
Advances in Structural Biology and Structure Prediction 2007
RNAi and microRNA in Development and Health 2006
Molecular Medicine and Health 2005
Comparative and Functional Genomics 2004
Proteomics 2003
Functional Genomics 2002
Perspective in Genome Analysis 2001
DNA Technologies in the Management of Biodiversity 2000
Emerging DNA Technologies for the next Millennium 1999
DNA Technologies: Forensic and other Applications 1998
DNA Fingerprinting 1997
Genome Analysis: Recent Trends and Applications 1996
International Conference on DNA Fingerprinting 1994

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