Biodiversity and Biobanking: From Microbes to Man
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North-East India is a part of Indo-Burma hotspot,one of the largest biodiversity hotspot in the world. It comprises with 250 tribes, 6 major forest types supporting thousands of endemic flora and fauna species; this region is the ‘golden spot’ for researchers and experts working to unveil our interconnected ecosystem. With inspiring keynotes and sessions by experts around the globe in areas of Biodiversity, the organizing committee of ADNAT (Association for DNA finger printing and Associated DNA Technology) invites you to be a part of grand silver jubilee convention ‘BIODIVERSE 2018’ organized in Guwahati (Assam). To honour and focus the contribution of ADNAT in furthering life science research in India, this international symposium will cover wide topics of biodiversity and biobanking.

The North Eastern part of India is a biodiversity hotspot, and represents a thriving ecology for survival and growth of species unique to the land. This small region is spread from an altitude of 50-6000m and blessed with number of endemic flora and fauna. With four distinct races of humans and several tribes and linguistic communities it is heaven for researches having interest in diversity. Organizing an ADNAT symposium for the first time in the region with local, national and international experts would act as a catalyst for research in the important area of Biodiversity and Biobanking. ADNAT is completing 25 years in 2018 and the organizing team resolves to celebrate the silver jubilee in a grand way to honour the contributions of the organization in furthering life science and forensic research in India.

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