The first national symposium on retransforming Bharatiya Education, Science and Technology (BEST 2018): Uttar-Purva Bharat - A Mystic region of the paradise is being organized during 24 March - 25 March 2018 jointly by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati and Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) in association with Gauhati University, Bharatiya Shikshan Mandal and Research for Resurgence Foundation. We expect about 400 participants from academia, industries and organizations involved in education for masses. A large number of student delegates is also expected to participate in this event. This symposium is the inaugural biennial PAN-India event to enhance and enrich young minds to get involved in more and more value added research as per the need of our country and to preserve and inculcate our traditions, art and culture.

The convergence of technology with modern life has reached a state where dependence of human life on technology is ubiquitous. Today technology is poised to look beyond its traditional bastions of application with pervasive impact on healthcare, environment, energy, transportation, and disaster management. This has generated immense dependency of industry and society on various technologies. Bharat is already playing a major role in the area of technology as a user and, is stepping ahead to become self-reliant and leader by making more and more indigenous products. Many government and private organizations are working hard to fulfill Bharat's dream of Make-in-India. Therefore the need of indigenous technology development has taken the center-stage. In order to achieve this goal, we have to know precisely the need of the masses, their culture, arts and traditions. This is only possible when science and technology fuses correctly with traditions, art and culture of people. Therefore, re-evolution of Bharatiya education systems like Nalanda, Takshshila as per the present context is the need of hour.

In this regard, first time a national symposium with the themes Traditions and faiths, Languages and Literature, Folklore, Economic Issues (Trade, Commerce, Agriculture etc.), Science and Technology, Literacy to Education, Anthropological and Demographic Issues, and History, Legend and Mythology is going to be organized in the Uttar-Purva region of Bharat.

In this edition, special emphasis is given to Uttar-Purva Bharat because of its diversity in languages, arts, cultures and traditions, and its influence on ASEAN countries. Hence, initiation and organization of BEST 2018 in Uttar-Purva has special significance for the following reasons - creating awareness of Uttar-Purva among participants from abroad and other parts of Bharat, and providing an opportunity to the researchers, academia, industries and student community of this region to interact and exchange ideas with experts from all over the world. Such interactions will facilitate better understanding not only about technological developments across the globe amongst the peers but also help them to understand traditions, cultures and values of Uttar-Purva Bharat.

Sub-Themes of the symposium

  • Folklore, Traditional Society and Knowledge System among the tribal communities among North-East India

  • Economic Issues (Trade, Commerce, Agricultural Practices)

  • Literacy to Education

  • Science and Technology

  • Scriptures and Puranas

Important Dates

Paper Submission
Abstract Submission15 December 2017
Full Paper Submission07 January 2018
Notification of Acceptance for Papers12 February 2018
Camera Ready Paper Submission25 February 2018
Workshop Proposal07 January 2018
Workshop Announcement12 February 2018
Registration Opens12 February 2018
Fellowship Application Opens07 January 2018
Fellowship Application closes31 January 2018
Fellowship Acceptance12 February 2018