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B. Anand
Principal Investigator
PhD (IIT Kanpur)

Ankita Punetha
Graduate Student (PhD)

Ankita did her M.Sc. (Bioinformatics) from Banasthali University, completing her dissertation from National Institute of Plant Genome Research in DBT studentship (2008). She was a Junior Research Fellow in Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (2008-2010). She joined our group as PhD student in July 2010 and will carry out structural studies on Cas6 to understand the mechanism of prokaryotic siRNA maturation.  [p.ankita[at]*]


Siddharth Nimkar
Graduate Student

Siddharth had done B.Tech in Biotechnology from Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu and subsequently joined our M. Tech program. He graduated in Aug, 2012. Subsequently he joined our PhD program in 2013. He is interested in understanding the mechanism of CRISPR based adaptive immune system in prokaryotes.  [s.nimkar[at]*]

Picture of Siddharth Nimkar

Himanshu Sharma
Graduate Student (PhD)

Himanshu had done B.Tech (Biotech) from ACE & AR (Kurukshetra University). His areas of interest are proteomics and transcriptomics. He believes that using “sacred” tools of protein and RNA structural analysis we can decipher the complex yet omnipresent, codes of our biological systems.


K. N. R. Yoganand
Graduate Student (PhD)

Yoganand had done B.Tech (Industrial Biotech) from Dr.M.G.R.Deemed University  and M.Tech from NIT Rourkela. He joined our PhD program in 2011. He is interested in decoding the mechanism of  molecular recognition in protein-RNA interaction. [k.yoganand[at]*]


Sunanda Chhetry
Graduate Student (PhD)

Sumit Kinger
Graduate Student (PhD)

R. Sivathanu
Project Fellow

Manasasri Muralidharan
Graduate Student (PhD)

Sarthak Sarma
Under Graduate Student (BTech) [s.sarthak[at]*]

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