Image of Arup Nandy

Arup Nandy

Assistant Professor,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
IIT Guwahati,
Guwahati, 781039,

Office: C-307
Phone No.: +91-3612583441
email: arupn@iitg.ac.in

Transient Finite element analysis in structures, acoustics and electromagnetics

Hybrid/mixed FEM formulation in Structures and Electromagnetics

Outward wave favouring Amplitude formulation for electromagnetic harmonic analysis in exterior domain

Monolithic FEM strategy for coupled multiphysics domains

Minimization of Radiated Sound Power of a vibrating Shell structures using FEM Analysis.

Designing FEM tool with GUI interface.

Active member of the group developing HyFem. HyFem is a package to solve problems in structures, acoustics, electromagnetics and various other domains. Its GUI interface for preprocessing and postprocessing is in Matlab where as the analysis code is written in Fortran. Please visit HyFem Website .