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Latest News

Aug 14, 2018 Congratulations to Saptarshi for the poster titled "Towards Genome-scale Disease Progression Models" getting accepted at the conference InCoB 2018.

Aug 07, 2018 Congratulations to Sunil for his paper titled "Drug-Drug Interaction Extraction from Biomedical Texts Using Long Short-Term Memory Network" getting accepted in Journal of Biomedical Informatics.

Jul 20, 2018 Congratulations to Saptarshi and Alok for their paper titled "Rapid reconstruction of time-varying gene regulatory network reconstruction" getting accepted in IEEE Transactions of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.

Jun 11, 2018 Heartiest congratulations to Sunil for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis titled "Neural Architectures for Named Entity Recognition and Relation Classification in Biomedical and Clinical Texts".

May 17, 2018 Abhishek is going for internship at IBM Research Lab, Bangalore.

Mar 29, 2018 Congratulations to Sunil for his paper titled "What matters in a transferable neural network model for relation classification in the biomedical domain?" getting accepted in Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.

Oct 27, 2017 Congratulations to Abhishek for his Doctoral thesis proposal getting accepted in 23rd AAAI/SIGAI Doctoral Consortium (DC) at AAAI-18.

Oct 10, 2017 Congratulations to Aparajita for her paper titled "SpliceVec: distributed feature representations for splice junction prediction" getting accepted in APBC-2018.

Jul 17, 2017 Sunil gave his synopsis seminar on his proposed PhD thesis titled "Neural architectures for Named entity recognition and relation extraction in biomedical and clinical text".

May 30, 2017: Congratulations to Desh Raj for his BTP work getting accepted in CoNLL 2017. A wonderful achievement.

May 23, 2017: Congratulations to Rahul for part of his MTP work getting accepted in BioNLP 2017. Wonderful news and achievement.

May 18, 2017 Alok Ranjan successfully defended his Master thesis titled "Structure learning of gene regulatory network from large - scale time series gene expression data".

May 18, 2017 Rahul successfully defended his Master thesis titled "Biomedical event extraction using deep learning techniques".

May 16, 2017 Sahil Manchanda successfully defended his Master thesis titled "Representation learning of drug and disease terms for drug repositioning".

May 06, 2017: Congratulations to Final year undergraduate students Aneesh, Anirudh, Desh, Kushal, Dishi and Tushar for finishing undergraduate study successfully. All the best to all of them!

May 01, 2017: Congratulations to Sahil for his MTP work getting accepted in 3rd IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics (CYBCONF-2017) WS/SS of Deep Learning for Prediction and Estimation to be held in Exeter, England, UK, 21-23 June 2017. Wonderful news and achievement.

Dec 14, 2016: Congratulations to Aparajita on presenting her SoAS (PhD proposal defense) successfully!

Dec 4, 2016: Abhishek's paper titled "Fine-Grained Entity Type Classification by Jointly Learning Representations and Label Embeddings" is accepted in EACL 2017. We acknowledge the Google Unrestricted Grant for this work.

Oct 10, 2016: Abhishek received Fall 2016 Linguistics Data Consortium (LDC) Data Scholarship. Congratulations!

Aug 17, 2016: Congratulations to Abhishek on presenting his SoAS (PhD proposal defense) successfully!

Aug 12, 2016: Congratulations to Salama and Rijil on successfully defending Master's thesis! All the best to them for their future endeavours.

Aug 7, 2016: Congratulations to Sunil for being awarded Google India Student Travel Grant, Microsoft Research India Travel Grant and ACM India-IARCS Travel Grant for attending and presenting paper in ACL 2016 at Berlin!

Aug 7, 2016: Sunil's paper titled "Relation extraction from clinical texts using domain invariant convolutional neural network" is accepted as an ACL BioNLP 2016 paper.

Aug 7, 2016: Sunil's paper titled "Recurrent neural network models for disease name recognition using domain invariant features" is accepted as an ACL (Long) paper.

Jul 21, 2016: Congratulations to Saptarshi on presenting his SoAS (PhD proposal defense) successfully! [ Abstract ].

Jul 4, 2016: Sunil is selected for research internship at Xerox Research Centre India (XRCI).

Jul 1, 2016: Group signs MoU with GVK Biosciences (GVK BIO) for industry oriented collaborative research on biomedical text mining and computational biology.

Apr 27, 2016: Saptarshi is selected for the National Network for Mathematical and Computational Biology (NNMCB) Second Instructional School at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.