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PH403: Classical Mechanics 3 1 0 8
Review: Application of Newton's Laws and Conservation Laws
Lagrangian Dynamics: Mechanics of a system of particles, constraints and generalized coordinates, Lagrange's equations, applications. Variational calculus and Least Action principle.
Central force problem: Equations of motion, orbits, Virial theorem, Kepler problem, scattering in a central force field.
Rigid body motion: Orthogonal transformations, Euler angles, coriolis effect, angular momentum and kinetic energy, tensors and dyadic, inertia tensor, Euler equations, applications,heavy symmetrical top.
Hamiltonian formulation: Legendre transformations, Hamilton equations, cyclic coordinates and conservation theorems, principle of least action, canonical transformations, Poisson
brackets, Hamilton-Jacobi theory, Action-angle variables.
Small oscillations: Eigenvalue problem, frequencies of free vibrations and normal modes,forced vibrations, dissipation.
assical field theory: Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulation of continuous system.


1. H. Goldstein,Poole and Safko Classical Mechanics, 3rd Edition, Pearson, (2002).
1. L. Landau and E. Lifshitz, Mechanics, Oxford (1981).
2. F. Scheck, Mechanics,5th Edition, Springer (2007).
3. Classical Mechanics, J. R. Taylor, University Science Book (2005)

Topics to be covered beyond the prescribed Syllabus (subject to the availability of time and progress of the student!)

*  Perturbation theory
*  Introductory Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

*  Nonlinear waves and Solitons
 Lecture Schedule:
Monday: 9 am -9:55 am
Tuesday: 12 pm-12:55pm  (Tutorial)
Wednesday: 11 am-11:55 am
Friday: 8 am-8:55 am
Link to: American Journal of Physics
Venue: Room no. 4212

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