Tentative Schedule

Day 1: 02 November 2015

Time Programme
08:45HRS - 09:15HRS Registration
09:15HRS - 10:00HRS Inauguration by Prof. Gautam Biswas, Honorable Director, IITG
10:00HRS - 11:00HRS Talk-1: Ms. Kumud Srinivasan, Intel India
Topic:Pushing the Boundaries' in the fast changing technology environment
11:00HRS - 11:30HRS Break
11:30HRS - 12:30HRS Talk-2: Dr. Valentina Salapura, IBM USA
Topic: On Cloud Computing
12:30HRS - 13:00HRS Poster presentations
13:00HRS - 14:00HRS Lunch
14:00HRS - 15:00HRS Panel discussion
15:00HRS - 16:00HRS Talk-3: Prof. Susmita Sur-Kolay, ISI Kolkata
Topic: Challenges in Synthesizing Quantum Computers
16:00HRS - 17:00HRS Talk-4: Prof. Dipanwita Roy Choudhuri, IIT Kgp
Topic: Revisiting Authenticated Encryption in the Light of Fault Attack
17:00HRS - 18:00HRS Research scholar interactions

Day 2: 03 November 2015

Time Programme
09:30HRS - 10:30HRS Talk-1: Dr. J. Lakshmi, IISc
Topic: Introduction to Cloud Systems and Virtualization
10:30HRS - 11:00HRS Break
11:00HRS - 12:00HRS Talk-2: Prof. Rowena Robinson, IITB
Topic: Girls who play with fire? Women in computing and on the Internet in India
12:00HRS - 13:00HRS Poster presentations
13:00HRS - 14:00HRS Lunch
14:00HRS - 15:00HRS Talk-3: Dr. Lipika Dey, TCS Delhi
Topic: Big Text + Big Data = Big Insights
15:00HRS - 15:30HRS Break
15:30HRS - 16:30HRS Talk-4: Dr. Krithika Venkataramani, Xerox Research India
Topic: Automated Breast Cancer Screening using Thermography
16:30HRS - 16:45HRS Break
16:45HRS - 17:45HRS Talk-5: Dr. Sharmila Mande, TCS
17:45HRS - 18:00HRS Valedictory