Sub-Committees of the 21st Convocation

  Reports Preparation Subcommittee
  Printing Subcommittee
  Certificates & Medal Preparation Subcommittee
  Documentation and Recording Subcommittee
  Invitation Subcommittee
  Robing Subcommittee
  Convocation Hall Management Subcommittee
  VVIP Reception Subcommittee
  Invited Guests Reception Subcommittee
  Media Management Subcommittee
  Stage Announcement Subcommittee
  Marshals Subcommittee
  Invocation & National Anthem Singing Subcommittee
  Refreshment Subcommittee
  Pandal, Stage & Signage Subcommittee
  Campus Beautification Subcommittee
  Transport Subcommittee
  Accommodation Subcommittee
  Security Subcommittee
  Medical Subcommittee
  Volunteers Subcommittee
  Academic Procession Arrangement Subcommittee