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Research Scholars

Surender SinghSurender Singh (Joined in January 2019)

Tentative Topic: To be decided soon


Niranjan BorahNiranjan Borah (Joined in July 2018)

Tentative Topic: To be decided soon


Joy_MondalJoy Kumar Mondal (Joined in Jan 2018)

Tentative Topic: To be decided soon


Harinarayan_NhHarinarayan N H (Jan 2015-July 2020)

Thesis Title: Ground Motion Prediction Equation for parts of North India (Successfully defended in July 2020)


Olympa Baro (August 2014-September 2018)Olympa_Baro

Thesis Title: Estimating regional and local parameters controlling the seismic Hazard scenario of the Shillong Plateau (Successfully defended in September 2018) (Currently Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering, NIT Silchar since July 2019)


M.Tech Students

Sujata Das

Project Title: Numerical medelling of excavations along the Guwahati-Shillong Road in Guwahati, India using Plaxis 2D (successfully completed in June, 2019)


avinash_finalAvinash Kumar

Project Title: Seismic Hazard Analysis of Lucknow, India using Zoneless Approach (successfully completed in June, 2019)


Suman Haldar

Project Title: Determination of Design Response Spectra and Site Coefficients for Guwahati urban Center based on thorough Ground response analyses, (successfully completed in June 2018)

Safik Khan

Project Title: Identification of Possible Liquefaction Zones across Guwahati and targets for ground improvement ascertaining no further Liquefaction (successfully completed in July 2018)


Saurabh Anand

Project Title: Subsurface exploration based on Geotechnical and geophysical tests for seismic site classification and correltion between SPT-N and SWV for Guwahati, (successfully completed in June 2017)


Joy_MondalJoy Kumar Mondal

Project Title: Forward and Inverse equivalent linear ground response analysis: Understanding and Applications, (successfully completed in June 2016)


Soham_Banerjee4Soham Banerjee

Project Title: Medium characterization of selective Indian regions adjacent to the western Himalayas, based on seismic wave attenuation, (successfully completed in July 2016), (Presently at University of Vermont, USA for PhD)


B. Tech Students

bokkisa_vivekB Srinivas Vivek

Project Title: Easy to use empirical correlations for Liquefaction and No Liquefaction conditions (successfully completed in May 2017) (Presently at University of Hong  Kong for MS)



Project Title: Development of experimental setup for liquefaction demonstration (successfully completed in May 2016)


blank-photoAnkit Kumar

Project Title: Earthquake induced damage to roads, (successfully completed in May 2016)


Jitendra Singh Meena

Project Title: In-Direct Determination of SPT N-Value, (successfully completed in May 2015)


Narayan Lal Meena

Project Title: Subsoil Lithological Details of Guwahati and its Response During Earthquakes, (Successfully completed in May 2015)