P.G. Courses

CE 643-Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering

Introduction to earthquake occurrence, theory of Plate tectonics, Elastic rebound theory, facult mechanism, beach ball solution, seismic hazard, site response analysis, liquefaction potential assessment. etc.

CE 532-Dynamics of Soil and Foundations

The course aims in understanding response of SDOF, MDOF systems subjeted to free and force vibrations, types of seismic waves, wave propagation, dynamic soil properties etc.

CE 642- Subsurface exploration and instrumentation

The course aims discussing about various kinds of geophysical, geotchnical tests to be used for various kinds of projects including pressuremeter, electrical resistivity, dilatometer, MASW, SASW, SPT, CPT, etc. Objectives of subsurface exploration and its planning; role of subsoil exploration in case of offshore structures.

U.G. Courses

ME111- Engineering Drawing

CE313- Geotechnical Engineering Lab II

CE215- Geotechnical Engineering Lab I