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Rules followed at IIT Guwahati in connection with the admission of the following foreign students at IIT Guwahati


PIO / OCI Candidates

  • Foreign students holding foreign passports but with OCI or PIO cards, admitted to PG programs in IITG, the fees charged may be the same as applicable for normal foreign students. Any concession applicable to citizens of SAARC countries should also be available to them if they hold passports from any of the SAARC countries.

  • Self-Financed Candidates:

    • 1. On approval/selection of student by concerned department/centre, Office of AA&ER will request the student to send a signed statement from the student certifying that he/she will bear all the charges including the tuition fees, accommodation, food charges and all other incidental charges during the course of their stay at IIT Guwahati. He/she will also bear travel cost from his/her home country to India(Guwahati)
    • 2. Student should attach either a bank statement showing that they have enough finances in their own bank account or a letter from their parents or sponsors certifying that they will support all the expenses incurred by the student as mentioned above in (1)
    • 3. DOAAER will forward the list of selected students to DOAA, (with the departmental approval/selection report) along with (1) and (2) received from the student for processing and obtaining the Director's approval.