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Guidelines for Exchange foreign students and interns at IIT Guwahati


Person of Indian Origin (PIO) and Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)

Foreign students holding foreign passports but with OCI or PIO cards, admitted to PG programs in IITG, the fees charged may be the same as applicable for normal foreign students. Any concession applicable to citizens of SAARC countries should also be available to them if they hold passports from any of the SAARC countries

SElf - Financed Candidates:

  • On approval/selection of student by concerned department/centre, Office of AA&ER will request the student to send a signed statement from the student certifying that he/she will bear all the charges including the tuition fees, accommodation, food charges and all other incidental charges during the course of their stay at IIT Guwahati. He/she will also bear travel cost from his/her home country to India(Guwahati)
  • Student should attach either a bank statement showing that they have enough finances in their own bank account or a letter from their parents or sponsors certifying that they will support all the expenses incurred by the student as mentioned above in (1)
  • DOAAER will forward the list of selected students to DOAA, (with the departmental approval/selection report) along with (1) and (2) received from the student for processing and obtaining the Director's approval.

Thank you for showing your interest in pursuing an internship at IITG. There is no deadlines for applying for such visits. Please follow the steps given below

  • 1.First identify an appropriate faculty member whose research interests matches with your research interest.
  • 2.Obtain the consent of this faculty member through e-mail, with a cc copy to, and
  • 3.Submit a recommendation letter from one faculty member/referee from your University/Institute.

  • Financial Requirements

  • You need to ensure that you have enough financial resources to pay tuition and other fees. If your home University/Institution has a Memorandum of Understanding with IITG, your tuition fee and dormitory charges will be waived.

  • Apply for Exchange Students:


    A. Who can be accepted as visiting foreign student(s)?

    Foreign students registered for a degree in a foreign Institute/University who is officially sponsored by that Institute/University to carry out Course work / Project work or Internship at IIT Guwahati for a period of not exceeding two semester can be accepted as visiting students under the MoU or otherwise. The foreign student should have passport and proper visa to visit IIT Guwahati.

    B. Alumni Affairs and External Relations (AAER) is the initial processing section at IIT Guwahati, where applications (pl. see exchange related forms) are to be sent

    AAER office may be the initial processing section. The completed application along with the required documents (mentioned below) is to be submitted to the following address.

  • Dean, Alumni Affairs and External Relations
  • Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
  • Guwahati- 781039
  • To expedite initial processing, it would be desirable if an email copy is also sent with a CC to and ddn@iitg.ernet

    C. Eligibility of the visiting exchange student(s)

    • Student should be officially nominated by the university/ institute
    • Nominated students student should have obtained minimum average grade/ CPI about 6.5 in the current/intended discipline (CGPA should be in the scale of 10)
    • Student/s should not have any outstanding backlog.
    • The nominated student/s has to spend at least one semester and maximum two semesters at IIT Guwahati (July-November/Odd semesters and January-April/ even semesters)
    • Nominated student/s may undertake either project work and /or course work at IIT Guwahati as per the requirements of his/ her home institution and as allowed by IITG
    • Courses of exchange semester may be negotiated between interested student & HoD of the concerned Department of IIT Guwahati through proper learning agreement.
    • Student should have proper passport and health insurance for the period of stay at IIT Guwahati.

    D. Financial responsibility of the visiting foreign student(s)

    • Students/s should have sufficient funds to cover his and her own travel and living expenses (except tuition fee) for the duration of their study at IIT Guwahati. IIT Guwahati do not charges any tuition fee and dormitory charges from exchange students visit from the Institutions/Universities having MOU with IIT Guwahati.
    • If any foreign student would like to visit IIT Guwahati for exchange or otherwise mentioned above have from the non-MoU institutes/universities have to pay tuition and other obligatory charges as per Institute rules.
    • Student would pay tuition fee and all other obligatory fees & charges at their home University/Institute. Tuition fees and all other associated charges will be correspondingly waived at the host University/Institute.
    • Health Insurance cover of the exchange student/s is mandatory. However, outpatient facilities will be extended to the exchange students visiting IIT Guwahati along the lines of facilities provided to other IIT Guwahati students. However only OPD facilities will be provided to the exchange students.

    E. General Rules of SEP

    • Appropriate programme of study at the host university may accepted by both Institution/University.
    • The courses & credits should be equivalent to both Institutions/University (see credit structure of IIT Guwahati under mobility info)
    • In case of project work, there should be an explicit agreement between faculty project supervisors of both the Institute/University.
    • HoD of the concerned Department of the home as well as host Institute/ University should approve the courses/project work to be undertaking in the host university.
    • Credits earned at the host Institute/ University to be transfered to the home Institute/ University. In general 48 credits (7 theory courses) and (2 Lab courses) are allowed in one semester. There is no minimum credit limit.
    • 5 to 6 passport photos
    • Nomination letter from the concerned home university
    • Medical fitness Certificate

    F. Financial Obligations of the foreign exchange students

    Foreign exchange students need not to pay any tuition fees and dormitory charges. However they have

    to pay the following expenses. IITG will provide OPD facilities to the foreign students.

    • Travel and visa (student / Research Visa)
    • Medical (Hospitalization etc.) / Health insurance.
    • Personal & living expenses, including accommodation and food.
    • Obligatory expenditure required in the country of the host university.
    • Any other incidental expenses incurred.

    G. Fee structure for foreign students from partner / non partner universities

    • No fees for course/ project work for partner universities
    • USD 200 per course per Semester (course work)/USD 150 per course per month (50% fees will be paid by students from SAARC countries)

    H. Documents required for SEP
    • 1. Two recommendation letters (from Supervisor & HoD) of the concerned Department.
    • 2. A general CV of the student applying for the programme which should include grades obtained by him/her at home Institute/ University.
    • 3. Academic transcripts (with explanation of assigned grades)
    • 4. A Learning Agreement about the list of courses along with credits to be mentioned therein (in discussion with HOD of the concerned Department of IIT Guwahati) and the same may be signed by the appropriate authorities from home Institute.
    • 5. A Statement of purpose (one page)
    • 6. If the student would like to do project instead of course work. A brief plan of project work forwarded by guide/ supervisor of the home university to be undertaken at host Institute/ University.
    • . A letter/email from HOD of the concerned Department of the home university intimating the following information to the host university:
      • Course structure of the current semester, whether all the courses have been successfully completed by the nominated student.
      • Are there any backlog/ pending assignment/ projects and course work in the current.
      • In case of course work, ap